Tekken the new game in Air E-sport

Tekken 7 is the new game in Air E-sport family! And with us we got one of the best Norwegian player Ivar "iWaR2" Myklebust.

Bjørnar Teigen CEO Air E.sport

Air E-sport is takeing det step into takes the step into fighting game with
no other games than Tekken7.

The reason we chose Tekken7 and Ivar was a easy decision when we did take a talk.
Ivar is a adult mann that know what he do to get better in the game but also work hard as a student
says the CEO in Air E-sport Bjørnar Teigen.

Ivar is one of our new projects where we try more on international tournaments.
The work he is showing us all the time inspires rest of the Club.

We asked Ivar why he would join Air and what he`s achiments in the ffuture is.

Ivar "iWaR2" Myklebust
Tekken 7 player for Air E-sport

I would be a part of Air E-sport because I want to become part of an
environment that has experience with E-Sport and that could provide
me with support that could contribute to further development for me.

Previous titles are:
1st place on team tournament at RBNorway's launch tournament of Tekken 7.
1st place on solo tournament at RBNorway's launch tournament of Tekken 7.
1st place at Tekken 7 NM
5th place at Headstomper, my first event in the Tekken World Tour

If you want to get better acquainted with Tekken 7 or Ivar you can you see him stream on
https://www.twitch.tv/iwar2 or on he`s twitter profil https://twitter.com/tk_iWaR2

Next  event you can see Ivar in:
The Hive LAN 2-4 November in Drammen Beat the Master Challenge competition Read more on https://www.drammenslanet.com

TekkenWorldTour FINALS (TWT FINALS) 1-2 desember Amsterdam